Subject: NetBSD/mvme68k now supports MVME162-LX 200/300 series
To: None <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 09/07/2000 09:14:27

As of yesterday, NetBSD-current will run on Motorola's MVME162-LX 200/300
series of VMEbus single board computers.

See the following link for details of the board:

Currently, the major onboard devices are supported (disk, network,
rs232 and VMEbus). However, work is still need to support the remaining
devices (eg. IndustryPack sites, NVRAM).

These boards are available with a dazzling array of build options. At
this time, the following options are *required*:

    o Real floating point hardware (the 68LC040 model isn't tested),
    o The VMEchip2 must be present,
    o If offboard VMEbus RAM is not present, at least 8MB of onboard
      RAM is required.
    o Even if offboard VMEbus RAM *is* present, at least 4MB of onboard
      RAM is required. (Boards with 1 or 2MB onboard RAM *may* be
      supported with offboard RAM, but not without some creative use of
      the VMEbus Master mapping registers.)

There is no support for boards other than those in the -LX 200/300 series.

I would like to thank Salient Systems ( for
providing the hardware which made this port possible.

Cheers, Steve