Subject: ISDN4BSD 0.83 beta available
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 07/30/1999 22:08:47

a new isdn4bsd beta version (i4b-00.83.00-beta-300799.tar.gz) has been made
available on the isdn4bsd distribution site

Bugfixes, enhancements, erratas and addons (if any) will be made available at

Please read the README file for a general roadmap and introduction to i4b.

This is a maintenance release:

 - a better PPP printer/decoder for tcpdump was added
 - some minor bugs were fixed

What is isdn4bsd ?

Isdn4bsd (or in short i4b) is a package for interfacing a computer running
FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD or BSD/OS to the ISDN.

The only ISDN protocol currently supported is the BRI protocol specified in
I.430, Q.921 and Q.931; better known as DSS1 or Euro-ISDN.  

Isdn4bsd allows you to make IP network connections by using either IP packets
sent in raw HDLC frames on the B channel or by using built-in synchronous PPP
(or using userland ppp, this is experimental and only available in FreeBSD).

For telephony, isdn4bsd can answer incoming phone calls like an answering 
machine and now has preliminary dialout capabilities for voice and data calls.

Since some people do not even read the README: there is a step-by-step
description of setting up i4b under FreeBSD available in handbook/ !
This also mostly applies to the other supported BSD operating systems.

For information on what has changed since the last release, please have a
look at file ChangeLog in the isdn4bsd base directory.

Which NetBSD ports are supported ?

	The NetBSD specific support and the Diehl driver was written by 
	Martin Husemann, ( Since i do not intend
	to run NetBSD and/or Diehl cards, i suggest contacting him in 
	case of problems in this two areas. 

	Martin has NetBSD/i386 running and is supporting isdn4bsd for
	that platform as his time permits it.

	The NetBSD/Amiga specific support was done by Ignatios Souvatzis,

	The NetBSD/Atari specific support was done by Leo Weppelman,

	This port is still experimental!

	The NetBSD/Alpha specific support was done by Jan-Hinrich Fessel,

                          The isdn4bsd package is:
     Copyright (c) 1997, 1999 by Hellmuth Michaelis. All rights reserved. 
       For details see the file LICENSE included with the distribution.

                       This package is postcard-ware:
        The license fee for using isdn4bsd is sending a picture postcard
       of your home town. My address can be found at the bottom of this file.
Have fun,
Hellmuth Michaelis                                    Tel   +49 40 559747-70
HCS Hanseatischer Computerservice GmbH                Fax   +49 40 559747-77
Oldesloer Strasse 97-99                               Mail  hm [at]
22457 Hamburg                                         WWW
Announcement reworked for netbsd-announce by Ignatios Souvatzis
<>, using the original announcement and parts of the README file.