Subject: SF BA Users Group (corrected/updated info)
To: None <>
From: Erik Berls <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 07/21/1999 13:54:56
Sorry about the dropped info in the previous announcement,  the time
has been included and the mapquest url has been double checked.
Web based information can be found at www.netbsd.NET/SFBA

                           SF BA Users Group Info


Next Meeting:

  Thursday, July 22, 1999. 7:30pm

  RoundTable, back 'room'
  415 N. Mary
  Sunnyvale CA


  (This should be fairly accurate. [#-)


     * Post DefCon discussion.
     * Projects and plans:
          o Installfest ideas.
          o Docs project.
     * Other topics as we come up with them.

Following meeting's theme: bring a new user!

 1999 Erik Berls