Subject: New cross-compiler pkgs!
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/12/1998 14:36:51
After a little bit of toiling over a pkg framework for cross-compilers, the
new pkg category "cross" has been created.

So far, there are two cross pkgs available in pkgsrc (i386-linuxglibc1 and
i386-msdosdjgpp), my own personal testbeds for the pkg system.  Over the
next few weeks, many more compilers should crop up in that category, to
include a compiler for NetBSD 1.3.x for each NetBSD architecture[*], and
compilers for some commercial Un*xen (which will require the proper
distribution media from which to retrieve API materials).

If you have a suggestion for a cross-compiler to add, which has freely
available includes and libraries, please suggest it to the list.  It's preferable that the target architecture be
supported by egcs and GNU binutils; however, if it is not, a special
compiler for the target architecture would work just as well.


[*] Do note that it is not yet possible to have a full cross-compile
environment for arm32, i386, m68k, ns32k, or sparc.  This is because of a
deficiency in the GNU assembler and linker; these programs cannot cope with
our a.out shared libraries.  Therefore, these cross environments will only
be capable of building kernels or statically linked binaries until binutils
has been modified to understand NetBSD a.out PIC.

(Possibly, a hacked version of the NetBSD in-tree assembler and linker could
be used in the interim.  I am looking into this possibility, which already
has patches available for m68k.)

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