Subject: updated sparc, i386 and arm32 packages for pine 4.02 and mutt 0.93.2i
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/07/1998 01:29:43
hi folks.

i've updated the binary packages for pine 4.02 (including pico 3.2) and
mutt 0.93.2i in<arch>/All/
with the latest security fixes.  the MD5 values of these files:

MD5 (mutt-0.93.2i.tgz) = d1c8adc79fec5d0079ac0dcb941ae3b3
MD5 (pico-3.2.tgz) = 76a5423496ba19192bdbf5c284e469f3
MD5 (pine-4.02.tgz) = 1ebac9977424b56beb82a649242d13a1

MD5 (mutt-0.93.2i.tgz) = 11bf5c6d7b3f74f4d4e56b4137d520ce
MD5 (pico-3.2.tgz) = aca1193887383982b42c28aa833587a4
MD5 (pine-4.02.tgz) = 7288f50311f434f2c59245462443e248

MD5 (mutt-0.93.2i.tgz) = 42356d0ef24e95b082e34c1919e9b4ad
MD5 (pico-3.2.tgz) = 955b02e29c68d2e987b7cc0e28097c3e
MD5 (pine-4.02.tgz) = 651221502d82c521ebbb9e5fc78ccae3


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