Subject: pkgsrc changes in May 1998.
To: None <netbsd-announce@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 06/01/1998 03:50:34
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 1998

This is a list of the changes made to the NetBSD Packages collection
during the month of May 1998, generated from the doc/pkg-CHANGES
file.  The one-line comment about each of the packages mentioned is
included after the description of the change itself.  For a better
description of each package, please see the


file itself.


During May, we continued to add packages, and update packages to newer
versions, but we also had a major purge of as many bugs as possible in
the pkgsrc collection prior to the 1.3.2 patch release, which is the
first NetBSD release to include the packages collection.  We have gone
to great lengths to make the pkgsrc tree ``just work'' on both
-current and the 1.3 NetBSD branches.  In particular, I'd like to
thank Hubert, Matthias and Thorsten for a marathon debug and build
session just before the 1.3.2 deadline.

The full list of changes is appended below, but please bear in mind
that this list only mentions new or updated packages, and doesn't
include the large number of bugs that were fixed in the pkgsrc tree.

There are now regularly-generated README.html files on the ftp server,
helping people navigate through the packages collection - thanks to
Hubert for this.  You can now find out the contents of the packages
collection before downloading pkgsrc.tar.gz or supping pkgsrc by
pointing your browser at:

and you can download binary (i.e. pre-compiled) packages for your
NetBSD machine architecture and release with just one ``Klick''.

Alistair Crooks
Mon Jun  1 07:58:09 BST 1998


	Added kdegraphics-4.1b [tron 1998-05-01]
Graphics programs for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Added weblint-1.020 [frueauf 1998-05-01]
HTML validator and sanity checker

	Added sane-0.72 [frueauf 1998-05-03]
API for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc.

	Added libscsi-1.6 [frueauf 1998-05-03]
FreeBSD SCSI user library

	Updated lsof to 4.31 [frueauf 1998-05-04]
Lists information about open files.

	Updated python to 1.5.1 [tron 1998-05-04]
An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.

	Updated gimp to 0.99.28 [tron 1998-05-04]
Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop[tm]

	Added tix- [tron 1998-05-04]
An extension to the Tk toolkit.

	Updated rat to V3.0.24 [hubertf 1998-05-05]
Robust Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing

	Added Xaw-Xpm-1.1 [frueauf 1998-05-05]
Enhanced 3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set and Xaw3d

	Updated rman to 3.0.5 [agc 1998-05-06]
Reverse compile man pages from formatted form.

	Updated tkman to 2.0.6 [agc 1998-05-06]
A Tcl/Tk based manual browser

	Updated amanda to 2.4.0 [agc 1998-05-07]
The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

	Added py-readline-1.5.1 [tron 1998-05-14]
line editing support for Python

	Added py-Tk-1.5.1 [tron 1998-05-14]
Tkinter -- Python interface to Tcl/Tk

	Updated cvs-current to 1.9.27 [tv 1998-05-14]
Concurrent Versions System.

	Added texi2html-1.52 [tv 1998-05-14]
A Texinfo-to-HTML direct translator.

	Added nas-1.2.5 [agc 1998-05-18]
Network Audio System.

	Removed gperf from libg++ [tv 1998-05-18]
The GNU C++ Class Library

	Added gperf-2.7 [tv 1998-05-18]
The GNU perfect hash function generator

	Updated xosview to 1.6.0 [tron 1998-05-18]
X11 graphical display of OS statistics

	Updated xlock to V4.10 [hubertf 1998-05-19]
Like XLock session locker/screen saver, but just more.

	Updated wget to v1.5.1 [hubertf 1998-05-20]
Retrieve files from the 'net via HTTP and FTP.

	Added nn-6.5.0 [hubertf 1998-05-20]
NN newsreader.

	Added addnerd-1.1 [agc 1998-05-20]
A small C utility to add a user

	Updated nmh to 0.25 [agc 1998-05-21]
A cleaned up MH mailer suite.

	Updated addnerd to 1.2 [agc 1998-05-21]
A small C utility to add a user

	Updated addnerd to 1.3 [agc 1998-05-21]
A small C utility to add a user

	Updated amiwm to 0.20pl48 [tron 1998-05-22]
X window manager with Amiga look and feel

	Updated lesstif to 0.84 [tron 1998-05-23]
API compatible clone of the Motif toolkit.

	Added squid-1.1.21 [tron 1998-05-23]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Added py-gdbm-1.5.1 [tron 1998-05-23]
Python interface to gdbm - GNU database manager

	Added ucd-snmp V3.4 [hubertf 1998-05-24]
An extensible SNMP implementation 

	Added p5-SNMP V1.7 [hubertf 1998-05-24]
A perl5 module for interfacing to the CMU SNMP library

	Updated ssh to 1.2.23 [tron 1998-05-24]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program).

	Updated mozilla to April 29th 1998 sources [fvdl 1998-05-24]
Mozilla. Free version of Netscape browser.

	Added spim-6.1 [tron 1998-05-26]
MIPS R2000 Simulator

	Added dialog-0.6z [tron 1998-05-26]
Display dialog boxes from shell scripts.

	Add PASSIVE_FETCH definition, to aid in passive ftp(1) transfers
		of distfiles. [agc 1998-05-29]

	Add download-links for available binary pkgs in README.html,
		and also re-format toplevel and category-level
		README.html's with HTML-tables. [hubertf 1998-05-30]