Subject: need mirror database entries from all netbsd mirrors
To: None <netbsd-announce@NetBSD.ORG>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 05/09/1996 16:36:21
When I generated the list of mirrors for the current mirror database
entries, I discovered that there are sites listed in doc/mirrors and
src/distrib/notes/mirrors that were not present.  

It is important that we have database entries for mirrors so that we
can provide accurate listings of mirror sites to NetBSD users and so
we can contact the volunteers that maintain those mirrors to inform
them about increased disk requirements, etc. before releases.

Until now, updates of mirror site listings have been done manually.
We now have tools that will generate these files automatically from
the mirror database.

If you are a mirror maintainer, please check the enclosed list of
sites I generated from the mirror database.  If your site is not
listed, please fill out the enclosed "mirror database entry template"
appended the end of this file and mail it to

Thank you,


J.T. Conklin


NetBSD Mirror Site List

The following sites mirror NetBSD

Host name               Services Provided
---- ----               -------- --------          Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:      Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:        Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:              Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:         Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:
	SUP: hostbase=/a/anon_ftp/pub       Anonymous FTP

	FTP path: Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:        Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:
	SUP:	use, hostbase=/ftp/pub/unix/systems/NetBSD
		collections are the same as on sup.NetBSD.ORG

wipux2.wifo.uni-mannheim.deAnonymous FTP

	FTP path:
	SUP:	See           Anonymous FTP

	FTP path:
	SUP:	Get the file README.sup via anonymous ftp, and read it.

If you wish to become a distribution site for NetBSD, contact


Mirror database entries are processed by various scripts to generate 
lists of NetBSD mirrors that are published on the NetBSD WWW Page,
on NetBSD ftp sites, and in NetBSD distributions.  The data is also
used to maintain a private e-mail mail list used to relay important
information to mirror maintainers.

The generic form of these lines is:

#<field id letter><tab><field data>

Each mirror has an entry in the following format.  The entry should
not contain any blank lines, since there are ed, sed, and awk scripts
used to process the data.  The #O, #C, #E, and #P fields will be kept
confidential, they will be used so that NetBSD Project administration
volunteers will be able to contact mirror maintainers.

#M	machine name
#F	ftp url
#A	afs directory (if applicable)
#S	sup instructions (if applicable)
#O	organization name
#C	contact person's name
#E	contact person's electronic mail address
#T	contact person's telephone number
#P	contact person's postal address
#W	who last edited the entry; date edited.

Example of a completed entry:
#O	The NetBSD Foundation
#C	J.T. Conklin
#T	+1 415 555 1212
#P	131 Santa Marina, San Francisco, CA USA 94110
#W; Mon Nov 27 17:02:06 PST 1995