Subject: New DOS emulator snapshot
To: None <netbsd-announce@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Charles M. Hannum <mycroft@MIT.EDU>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 05/02/1996 08:56:12
I've just put a new snapshot of doscmd in:

This snapshot contains a substantial number of changes since the last
snapshot.  It also runs substantially more software.  See the PROBLEMS
file for a list of problems I've encountered during testing.

Again, let me know if you have any problems with it.

Note: It's not as critical this time, but you should make sure the
following kernel files are updated since the last doscmd snapshot:

     $NetBSD: machdep.c,v 1.199 1996/04/18 09:58:13 mycroft Exp $
     $NetBSD: vm86.c,v 1.14 1996/04/30 10:35:25 mycroft Exp $
     $NetBSD: freebsd_machdep.c,v 1.9 1996/04/18 08:36:20 mycroft Exp $
     $NetBSD: linux_machdep.c,v 1.28 1996/04/18 08:36:22 mycroft Exp $
     $NetBSD: svr4_machdep.c,v 1.23 1996/04/18 08:36:31 mycroft Exp $
     $NetBSD: vm86.h,v 1.7 1996/04/30 10:35:28 mycroft Exp $