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NetBSD machines at Open Source Conference 2018 Kyoto

Kansai *BSD Users Group and
The Japan NetBSD Users' Group members held booth
at the Open Source Conference 2018 Kyoto on Aug. 3-4 2018:


BoF: 45minx2
1. Kansai *BSD Users Group 
- Kansai *BSD Users Group by Takeshi Mutoh
- pkgsrc on MacOS by Takahiro Kambe
- Blinkt! on NetBSD by Takeshi Mutoh
- AsiaBSDCon2019 by Jun Ebihara

2.  The Japan NetBSD Users' Group 
- Hello WorkStation 
  - LUNA NetBSD PCM audio device with PSG by @moveccr 

OMRON LUNA  68030/20MHz RAM:16MB Video:1280x1024
- PSG means Programable Sound Generator
- LUNA has HD647180/6.144MHz Z80 sub-processor 
  and YM2149 sound chip with PSG 3 channel.
  LUNA PSG support code 

1. LUNA NetBSD PCM audio device with PSG by @moveccr 
- NetBSD/luna68k 
- audio(4) at psgpam on NetBSD/luna68k by @moveccr
  /dev/audio can play audio with PSG as sounddevice
- AUDIO2 sound stack by isaki@
- audioplay(1) on NetBSD/luna68k

2. LUNA PSG and twitter client Demo by tsutsui@
- porting PSG Z80 sound driver for PC6001 to NetBSD/luna68k
- NetBSD/luna68k
- PSG play
- twitter client: sayaka+mlterm-fb

PC6001VX on NetBSD/i386 by tsutsui@
and Konnichiwa micon book written by Mitsuru Sugaya

Raspberry PI demonstration:
- Demo Image:

- NetBSD/x68k on XM6i on NetBSD/earmv6hf on RaspberryPI3

- omxplayer on NetBSD8.0/earmv6hf on RaspberryPI2

K*BUG booth 

Takeshi Mutoh
- distcc head 
  NetBSD at Raspberry PI2B + LED loadavg
- FreeBSD at Raspberry PiB + LED loadavg
- NetBSD at NanoPi NEO     + LED loadavg
- NetBSD at OrangePi Zero  + LED loadavg
- NetBSD at Raspberry Pi ZeroW + LED loadavg+Blinkt!(slow)
- RaspBSD at BananaPi + LED loadavg
- OpenBSD at BeagleBone Black + 4xLED loadavg
- RetroBSD at PIC32MX,2.11BSD
- LiteBSD at chipKIT Wi-FIRE 4.4BSD PIC32MZ
- NetBSD/aarch64 at RaspberryPi 3B +LED loadavg+Blinkt!
- NetBSD/aarch64 at NanoPi NEO2 +LED loadavg

- JetsonTK1 + Ubuntu + CUDA demonstration

NetBSD Tourist Guide:

More pictures are available on Togetter page:

Booth Donation:
- Lemon & Peach Willow and stickers by @shimadah
- Carp Umai-Bow and Momiji-Manjyu by @moveccr and isaki@

 Open Developers Conference 2018 : Aug.25-26 Tokyo Kamata,JAPAN

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

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