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Re: A new BUG announcement


a reminder that a new BUG - HELBUG is launching next Wednesday the 7th of February in Finland Capital region.

Location for the BUG is at Nixu corporation:
Keilaranta 15 B
02151 ESPOO
Note that the entrance to the building is at Keilaranta 13 A or Keilaranta 19D

If you want to guarantee entry with snacks to the event, please register to the event asap.

Here is the Agenda for the evening:

17:30 Introduction talk by yours truly
- what BUGs generally are?
- what HELBUG is going to be?
- Introduction to BSD families
- How i use BSDs
  * with some discussion of participants uses

18:00 Official opening of HELBUG
- A preferred meetup interval
- Location
- Volunteers to help with organization

18:30 How to switch to to BSDs from another OS

19:00 BSD talk
- Questions and Answer on BSDs
- Troubleshooting
- Hacking on a technical issue of your choosing
- How to create a new port to a BSD?

21:00 - End of event and start of BSD Now live stream


Tommi Pernila

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 8:27 PM, Tommi Pernila <> wrote:
A New year and a new BUG!

I'm proudly announcing a new BUG in the Capital region of Finland.
Capital of Finlang being Helsinki, naturally our BUG will be named HELBUG.

HELBUGs goal is to promote the use of the BSD variants and the knowledge relating to this.

Helsinki area BSD User Groups (HELBUGs) plan is to have semiregular meetings with varying agendas. 
These will include talks, seminars, hacking workshops and general discussion on BSD variants.

Our first meetup will be happening in Southern Finland in the capital region on Wednesday the 7th of February 2018.
The event is hosted by Nixu corporation at their headquaters at:
Keilaranta 15 B
02151 ESPOO
Note that the entrance to the building is at Keilaranta 13 A or Keilaranta 19D

Preliminary agenda is to host a few talks by volunteers and
decide on the locations and the interval of our BUG will have meetings.

More detailed agenda and time for the first meeting will be posted later to this thread.


Tommi Pernila

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