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HP9000/425e arcofi(4) audio driver

I wrote:

> Recently Miod Vallat kindly sent his HP9000/425e to me after
> OpenBSD/hp300 EOL, and then I've been working on 425e device support
> of NetBSD/hp300.

This weekend I've ported OpenBSD's arcofi(4) audio driver for the
HP "Audio1" device (Siemens PSB 2160 "ARCOFI" phone quality audio chip)
found on HP 9000/425e.

Patch to be committed is here:

Dumb demonstration video is also available on YouTube:

I have not checked hppa attachment (it should be trivial),
but anyway I'll commit this driver soon and will send
a pullup request for forthcoming NetBSD 7.0.

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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