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NetBSD machines at Open Source Conference 2014 Kyoto

> Just FYI,
> >> The NetBSD team displayed Luna work station of OMRON.
> >> Luna(= opposed to Sun) is very old UNIX workstation in Japan.
> >> However, the newest Twitter client "Mikutter" works in
> >> this workstation on NetBSD!
> I'll post a more detailed report of the NetBSD booth
> at this Open Source Conference 2014 Kyoto later.

As reported the above, the Japan NetBSD Users' Group held a NetBSD booth
at the Open Source Conference 2014 Kansai @ Kyoto on August 1-2:

We exhibited various machines running NetBSD, including:
 - Raspberry Pi (with small LCD display via HDMI)
 - Sharp W-ZERO3 and Zaurus
 - Naturetech GENIALstation 737 UltraSPARC laptop
 - x86 notebooks
I would like to report about the booth with pictures as a participant.

Conference hall, at Kyoto Research Park:

 There were ~50 FLOSS communities and >60 seminars (including NetBSD one)
 at the conference.

Preparing NetBSD booth:

 NetBSD booth at OSC was held by Jun Ebihara (jun@), but
 many other NetBSD users and developers in Japan gathered there.

NetBSD booth filled by geek machines:

 Note the Japan NetBSD users' group (mainly jun@, who participates
 ~all Open Source Conference in Japan) got OSC Award 2014
 at OSC 2014 Tokyo/Spring:

The next side booth was "mikutter": 
 Mikutter is a popular Twitter client for UNIX-like OSes:
 We often use it as a good application for demonstration on
 various NetBSD machines.

 Mikutter uses Ruby and GTK2 so building mikutter and required
 packages is good testsuite for many NetBSD ports to find and fix bugs,
 especially for non-x86 CPU ports.

Raspberry Pi running mikutter: 

 The RPI was running 2014-08-01-netbsd-raspi.img built by jun@:

Sharp Zaurus PDA and W-ZERO3 mobile phone:

 NetBSD/zaurus -current seems to have some bug in its pmap :-(

Bootstrap NetBSD/luna68k on OMRON LUNA-II:

 Now NetBSD/luna68k has its own native bootloader and it recognizes
 booted device, so bootstrap is really easy :-)

Starting mlterm-fb, which supports LUNA's 4/8bpp framebuffer:

 mlterm is a multi-lingual terminal emulator. It was originally
 developed as an X11 terminal like xterm, but now it also supports
 framebuffers including x86 VESA and NetBSD wsfb including LUNA etc.

Starting pkgsrc/net/mikutter with CUI terminal plugin "mikutterm"
with sixel graphic support:

 The >20 year old MC68040 25MHz machines still can run
 a modern Twitter client with graphics icons.

 "Sixel" is a bitmap graphics format that allows terminals
 (including ancient DEC VT3x0) to display graphics even via serial
 and mlterm supports sixel graphics even on framebuffers with 1/4/8bpp.

 Araki Ken, an author of mlterm, also modified "mikutterm" CUI plugin
 to add support of displaying Twitter icons using sixel graphics
 with libsixel, which was imported into pkgsrc recently.

Framebuffer mod to connect the ancient LUNA to modern LCD:

 The original LUNA requires a "Sync-on-Green" display.
 However nowadays few LCDs support it so I modified the framebuffer
 to output H-sync and V-sync and disable Sync signals on Green line.

OMRON dp/NOTE sticker, OMRON 2HD floppy, and LUNA bandanna
contributed by OMRON guys:

 The OMRON's headquarters are at Kyoto.  There were several
 past LUNA users and they said "this reminds good old days."

LUNA-II also can show attached pictures in Tweets by Sixel:

 It takes a few mumites to resize, reduce colors, and convert
 png/jpg pictures into sixel format though 8-)

LUNA-II front panel, front LCD and dip switches:
 Note my LUNA-II has a 32GB SSD via IDE-SCSI converter and
 SATA-IDE adapter.

Naturetech GENIALstation 737 running NetBSD/sparc64:

 This rare laptop (with Japanese keyboard) was prepared by Naruaki Etomi.
 It also ran mlterm-fb and mikutter with mikutterm + libsixel on
 its framebuffer without Xserver.

We received many comments like "amazing" "impressive" "insane"
from visitors.  I would like to say "thank you" to Ebihara-san,
committe of Open Source Conference, and all people who visited
our booth.

PS. NetBSD and various misc stickers were given out to visitors:

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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