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Re: Competition

Hi Daniel,

On 8/26/2011 11:32 AM, Daniel Carrera wrote:
On 08/25/2011 12:23 AM, Scrap Happy wrote:
E.g., I use very few of the multitude of packages available. I
don't care if GIMP runs well or if the latest version is
supported on NetBSD -- I'll drag out Photoshop and be done
with my work before the package installs itself and all its
dependencies. Likewise, OO is more investment than I would
care to make -- FrameMaker handles my DTP needs quite well.

I was a bit surprised when I read this. Don't you use NetBSD on your

*Which* desktop?  :>

I use NetBSD primarily when writing/debugging software.  And,
even then, not *all* software (e.g., if I am writing code for some
microcontroller that gcc doesn't support or that gdb lacks
appropriate "insight")

But, I use Windows for most of the "traditional desktop" applications
simply because the tools that are available under *any* of the other
(free or otherwise) OS's are just not of the same caliber.  For
example, in the past month, I've:
- scanned hundreds of 35mm slides and made a DVD presentation
  from them (add menus, audio, effects, etc.)
- scanned a service manual for an NS32xxx series ICE (B-size pages)
- simulated a small power supply circuit
- revised the design (schematic) of a network audio client
- prepared a 3D rendering of an enclosure I want fabricated for
  review by the injection molder

Next month, I'll:
- layout the PCB for the audio client
- prepare a newsletter for the print shop (incl editing photos)
- ?

I'd rather buy a "finished" (?) tool for $500-5,000 and be *done*
with a particular task than spend hours trying to coerce a "free"
one to do what I want -- only to discover that it will only do
so, poorly.  My time is valuable to me.

I've read a couple of posts in this list that suggest to me that
participants use Windows on the desktop and see *BSD as a server OS
only. I am genuinely surprised. I have always used some flavour of Linux
on my desktop. I think the only proprietary software I have is Adobe
Flash. I am happy with my system and I don't feel the slightest
temptation to buy a program that will force me to run Windows.

Wait until you have to do some 3D CAD work for a client.  And *they*
use some Windows-based CAD tool  :>

Or, the scanner you have isn't supported by SANE.

Or, the DVD rendering tool doesn't take advantage of all of the
cores in your processor so you wait 2 or 4 times longer to encode
the video.

When I need an office program I run OpenOffice. For photo editing I use
GIMP. When I want to draw something I may use OO or Inkscape depending
on what I need. My plantearium program is Stellarium. My scientific work
is done in Fortran compiled with GCC.

But, these are all "your" tools.  You don't have to answer to an
employer, client, customer, etc.  You can chose to ride a SKATEBOARD
around town -- so long as you don't ever have to pick up guests at
the airport!  ;-)

I have a (psychological) fondness for "Candy Corn" and "Circus Peanuts"
(both insanely sweet confections -- little more than sugar with some
form of binder!).  But, that doesn't mean I would serve (or even OFFER)
them to dinner guests!  :>

I admit that I have a bias toward free/open source software, or at least
proprietary software without vendor lock-in. But I don't think that this
is the reason I don't use proprietary: I just don't miss it. I *like*
running Linux. I *like* Unix-like systems. I am not going to use Windows
in order to run a program, and I hardly see the point in paying for
Photoshop or FrameMaker when the open source software in my computer has
always served me so well.

Your demands might not be the same as mine -- or other folks.  You
might not have to interface to other staff that are already *using*
those tools.  Your time may have different value (to you) than mine
does to me (or my client).

If it works for you, great!  Hopefully you will always have that
freedom.  But, when you *don't*, you might find the change hard to
swallow  :-/  I frequently hear folks grumbling because, in effect,
they don't have 'root' (e.g., at work, etc.).

I had always assumed that BSD users would feel similar. I had assumed
that everyone on this list *likes* running NetBSD or *BSD and naturally
would want to use it on their desktop rather than endure Windows.

You're missing the point.  It's not a case of "want".

I *want* a maid to clean up around here after us.  Wash the dishes,
clean the clothes, keep the house picked up, etc.  That way, we could
spend our time doing things that *we* want to do.  OTOH, I don't
cherish the idea of another mouth (wallet) to feed.  Nor the
prospect of having someone underfoot that forces us to cooperate
with their schedule, dress/behave appropriately "for visitors", etc.

If FOSS can do what you want, the way you want and in the timeframe
you want, great!  For many of us, though, that's not the case.  And,
doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.  :-/


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