Subject: Feedback from Systems/Munich
To: None <>
From: Ulrich Habel <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/31/2007 14:57:49
From 23.10. - 26.10. the Systems took place in Munich. The Systems is an
exhibition about computer systems and home electronics. It covers
everything from OpenSource projects to industrial ranged systems. We ran a
small NetBSD booth on every day and showed NetBSD and it's possibilities
to the visitors. A lot of people came to the NetBSD booth and looked for
information about NetBSD and the pkgsrc system. They were really surprised
when they realized that NetBSD would be a good alternative to Linux,
especially on older sparc platforms.
They were impressed by the powerful pkgsrc system - lots of Solaris users
asked for binary packages for their platform.

- not for publication -

Some interesting contacts were intiated - the most interesting was a
contact with someone from DLR (German air and spacecraft company who is
developing alot hardware for the ISS). The contact person is working for
the geo satellite section of DLR. I am not quite sure if they are planing
to use NetBSD in embedded hardware for satellites or if they "just" plan
to use NetBSD for groundwork.

Also interesting: a smaller village around Munich (Erding ~15000
inhabitants) migrated their servers to NetBSD. I don't have any exact
count for that - I am in contact with someone to get more information
about it.

Third interesting contact was made to someone from a German provider for
hosting solutions. They were quite interested in using pkgsrc on Sun

- most asked questions/common problems -

o Several people were interested in running NetBSD on their laptop/desktop 
systems to have the same environment as on their servers. The usual 
question was: "is the.....<insert model here>" supported?

Solution: I will ask on the i386/amd64/x86_64-ports list for some dmesg 
postings. I will build up a small list of compatible devices.

o People asked a lot questions about pkgsrc. Usually the MacOS X users are 
looking forward to have binary packages available on their platform. 
Solaris users asked for binary packages, too (Solaris 8/9/10).

so far - keep up the good work developers