Subject: Re: NetBSD at SCALE 5x
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/12/2007 11:03:24
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Kevin Lahey <> wrote:
> For the third year in a row, we had a NetBSD booth at the Southern
> California Linux Expo (SCALE 5x).  It was a great time, with all sorts
> of interesting folks stopping by the booth to chat, and check out the
> NetBSD Toaster.

Thanks a lot for manning the booth bravely for the entire weekend,
Keving!  I know it's no fun to be there all by yourself.

A few additional notes:

- The FreeBSD folks were kind enough to give us some of their blinking
  horns, which for reasons I can't quite fathom myself ;-) are
  attracting lots of visitors.

- The toaster remains our main attraction.  We should try to bring more
  hardware to these shows to better show off that we also run on the
  cool new toys.  We should show KDE and GNOME (even if the developers
  manning the booth don't use them) to assure possible converts that
  they can continue to run their applications.

- At least one person complimented us on our logo.  He was a person with
  a design background, and said he was mainly attracted to NetBSD b/c it
  had such a clear logo (compared to the other BSDs).

- We need to keep the flyers up to date.  And we should not just sell
  t-shirts etc., but also consider just offering them for a voluntary
  donation.  (Ie be willing to incur a monetary loss for a marketing

- We need more volunteers.  One person can't run the booth alone.


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