Subject: NetBSD Wiki -- Call for Papers
To: None <>
From: Zafer Aydogan <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/16/2006 18:33:08
Dear NetBSD users,

the NetBSD community wiki needs your help !
Almost all of the articles needs to be updated, reviewed, verified and
If you want to support the wiki with your knowledge, please register
and help the wiki grow.

Your support is especially needed in the following areas:

- updating existing tutorials by verifying them
- writing new tutorials (everyday tasks, server setups, desktop
setups, configurations)
- updating existing shell commands and adding new ones.
- adding everyday examples for existing shell commands
- adding platform specific howtos (how to setup sgimips, etc.)
- adding your own screen shots / photos of your retro computers

All kind of support is appreciated.

Please visit

Thank you, Zafer Aydogan.