Subject: NetBSD at the Systems 2007 computer fair in Munich, Germany
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/30/2006 21:40:48

here's a small report about the NetBSD presence at the Systems computer 
fair last week in Munich, Germany.

The booth space was part of the Open Source Park, which contained a number 
of Open Source projects, e.g. Joomla, Wikipedia, FreePascal, FreeBSD, 
CAcert, KDE, Debian, Ubuntu, NetBSD and FreeBSD. The booths were made 
available to us for free thanks to the german publisher Computer- und 
Literaturverlag (C&L) as well as the administrators of the computer fair's 
venue itself, Messe Muenchen. Thanks again to them, and also to Daniel 
'DaN' Ettle, who did all the communication with our sponsors to make this 

So, what DID happen? We had a small table ("demo point") plus space for 
some posters. I haven't seen any fotos yet, but presence for NetBSD was 
good, and in the three days that I was there (monday to wednesday) many 
people came and asked about NetBSD in general, it's relationship to Linux 
and the other BSDs, it's history, if it's really going to die and of 
course many platform-specific questions.

I've made entries in my NetBSD blog for the first three days, see: (day 1), (days 2+3_

I had to leave for some real work on thursday and friday, and Daniel Ettle 
helped out manning the booth then, answering more questions like the ones 
listed above. Questions that DaN got were about
  * running NetBSD on small "mobile" devices like PDAs
  * power management
  * running NetBSD in embedded environments

Overall the show was a big event for us, and we hope to be able to 
participate at Systems 2008. Until then, I can only encourage you to go 
out on the streets and tell people about NetBSD!

  - Hubert