Subject: NetBSD at the Ohio Linux Fest
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/17/2006 17:53:23
[I'm writing this on behalf of Jason R. Fink, who cared for NetBSD being 
presented at the Ohio Linux Fest - all the data given below was extracted 
from Jason, and he did all the work, so please praise him for the 
excellent work, and sent complaints about errors below to me! :-]

Jason tells us that ``[f]or those who were at BSDCon03 we had about 4x the 
number of visitors. Most people were interested in the following (in no 
particular order):

  - MMU support
  - our toolchain (a few FreeBSD users were real interested in this)
  - pkgsrc; more specifically it's portability which
    proved to be a real point of interest.

The rest were more *what is NetBSD*.


  - I didn't have enough swag, apparently only
    handing out flyers and having 2 posters isn't
    enough. Some people were okay with no cd's some
    were not. Next time (if I am still in the area)
    I will look into reselling some swag we have
    at cafepress and maybe ordering a few rolls of
  - I only had one NetBSD demo machine. Although
    Steve and I did not have a lot of room anyhow, Not
    sure how I can *fix* that :-)''

Jason added that he'd like to thank Steve Dickinson and Tom Rhodes for 
their help: Steve has been a long time user and NetBSD supporter and 
helped ironing out a few bugfixes, he has a homepage at Tom Rhodes from the FreeBSD project helped 
us out by standing in a few times and answering FreeBSD and *BSD 

  - Hubert