Subject: LinuxWorld Boston Photos and Report
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/07/2006 16:05:26
Hi all.  I finally uploaded some photos I took at LinuxWorld Boston.

Dru has a great write-up of most of the happenings of the first two days 
on her blog:

I only made it to the expo for the first and last days, and Tom Miller 
manned the booth for part of the first day and the middle day.  I gave 
away stapled packets of the latest NetBSD quarterly status report and 
copies of this:

I also burned some i386 and amd64 pkg CDs, most of which got given away. 
  I fielded a few questions over the two days I was there, answering 
things from "What is BSD?" to "Why should I use NetBSD?" to "Will NetBSD 
run on my old Mac?".  I think I handled most of them pretty well :).

A lot of people seemed very genuinely interested in using BSD.  There 
seems to be a lot of awareness about what it is, people just need to 
make the jump and I doubt they'd ever go back to Linux :).  One woman 
even said that "FreeBSD is getting popular" :).

Dru has a bit more extensive report of the Expo on her blog, I'm not 
sure what else to write really!

Big thanks go to Jeff Rizzo for sending out the banner, t-shirts, and 
other materials for me to use.  Thanks to everyone from FreeBSD (Matt, 
Devon, Dru, etc.) for letting us share the booth, and thanks to Tom 
Miller for manning the booth on the middle day of the expo.  Thanks to 
Jason Dixon for just hanging out at the booth and being cool and 
bringing official CDs of OpenBSD 3.9!

I'm looking forward to my next expo and I'm glad my first one went so well.