Subject: Re: updated NetBSD hardware lists
To: Andy Ruhl <>
From: Magnus Eriksson <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/15/2005 04:26:04
On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Andy Ruhl wrote:

> On 11/12/05, Rick Kelly <> wrote:

>> Are there any online lists of modern, shipping hardware that works with
>> NetBSD i386/amd64?
>> For instance,, seems to be mostly
>> ancient hardware that isn't sold anymore.


> I agree the supported hardware list is out of date, but it's also
> almost too difficult to maintain unless all the device driver authors
> make a list of what hardware is supported by that driver. Then it
> becomes even more complicated when you need to match chipsets to
> actual retail device models, which can change even with the same model
> number (Linksys version numbers come to mind).

   But is there really any alternative to having it updated?  That list is 
one of the first things you'll see, and if people are considering their 
options, having a big list of mostly obsolete hardware won't exactly make 
people go "wow".

   Perhaps a wiki-based approach?  It would be enough (I believe) adding a 
link to a wiki page that people are free to edit, and periodically 
updating the (official) supported hardware list from the wiki.  Enough to 
make a big difference in the impression of NetBSD, that is.

   It would also be somewhere you could post your success stories, it 
wouldn't be much more work than typing up the email to say "I finally got 
it working".  Lowering the barrier.

   I only run ancient hardware myself, so perhaps someone else can tell if 
it might work.

  (There isn't even an official wiki, is there?)