Subject: NetBSD at CBO'2005
To: None <>
From: Mike M. Volokhov <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 07/12/2005 18:05:01
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I'm pleased to announce that The NetBSD Project will be presented at
10th annual international exibition of information technologies,
Computer-Bank-Office 2005, which will take place at Expocentre of
Odessa Marine Terminal, Odessa, Ukraine. A talks about NetBSD and
pkgsrc systems go off during Oct 8th at about 10:00 EEST. More info
about the expo available at (english page bit outdated at the moment,
sorry; request for updating was sent):

Currently, I've contacted Intel regional branch to support us by
providing some funds or place us within their stand to create a minimal
booth, and got no final reply yet, but seems this would be possible.

Unfortunatelly, I'm very low on money, and if someone wish to support
us with some funds, I will be very appreciate. Our needs are as follows:

	$25	- presentation time, per hour (we already have 1h).
	$0.5	- one CD + box + printed cdcover (already have 10).
	$0.2	- one color NetBSD flyer (already have 100 b/w).
	$7	- one NetBSD t-shirt.
	$450	- the complete booth (in this case the presentation time
		  would be for free; working with Intel).

The CDs and t-shirts (if we'll had it at all) will be sold by price
about $2 and $10 appropriately and all money will be donated to The
NetBSD Foundation.

If you are interested in support and preparation to CBO'2005, please,
contact me at the following address:

	mishka (at) NetBSD (dot) org

Kind regards,
Mike M. Volokhov.

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