Subject: Re: Asking for NVIDIA drivers
To: Marc Tooley <>
From: Bruno <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 07/08/2005 10:25:54
Marc Tooley wrote:

>>Personally, I think that it's far more important for nVidia and other
>>manufacturers to just release complete documentation---including
>The problem is that nVidia's hands are already tied. They've very 
>publically stated that some of the technology they use in their 
>products is itself under an NDA, so they simply don't have the power to 
>release information about their cards to us even if they did want to. I 
>believe a majority at nVidia does want to release information to us, 
>because at the moment they're stuck supporting the FreeBSD and Linux 
>kernel modules themselves.
>It's not that they're being obtuse: often people make nVidia out to be 
>this big uncaring corporation who's too interested in the bottom line 
>to simply make the decision to open up documentation for their 
>hardware, as though such a decision is a mere CEO penstroke away from 
>happening. The question in essence then becomes, "It's easy to release 
>the documentation. Why don't they just do it?"
>This isn't the case, and they've already talked publically about their 
>tied hands in many forums.
I'm sure that problem affect other products around as well. Maybe we 
should start asking them to restructure their drivers to have closed 
modules, and as small and cross-platform as possible. As you said, they 
would benefit too for not having to support other OSes. Unless the NDA 
falls precisely within the graphic card's I/O, like some techniques to 
make the most out of AGP for example. In that case they'd be pretty limited.