Subject: Re: NetBSD momentum
To: mouss <>
From: Bruno <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/29/2004 15:30:35
mouss wrote:

> I agree that it may be the time to do some mktg for netbsd. however, I 
> don't think it should be oriented against freebsd. After all, how many 
> people are using any *bsd? up so far, one of the great features of 
> netbsd was the "no hype" choice. It would be easy to fall in the trap 
> "they are weak now, let's get in", and then get nowhere.

> If you wanna defend the system, do it without relying on temporary 
> failures of others, because if you don't, you might regret it tomorrow.

I never meant it to be "against" FreeBSD, just to show how nice NetBSD 
is at a moment when more people would listen. Showing that NetBSD is not 
just a research OS with portability in mind would help other people 
consider trying it, namely FreeBSD users. This moment is great to get 
attention for the NetBSD value itself, no need to be against anyone - I 
couldn't agree with you more on this.

> So yes, write, talk, and chat about netbsd. say it's great and 
> wonderful. but say it the scientific way. no benchmarketing, no war, 
> no hype... 

Benchmarking is not necessarily hype, it may serve to show NetBSD is as 
capable as others. Again, curiousity  helps getting new users.

> other things of interest are: security, flexibility (it is easily 
> usable as a server, gateway, firewall, dev machine, desktop, ...), std 
> compliant (both posix & gnusix), ease of use (well that lacks some 
> docs), robustness/reliability/perf/... (needs real numbers but some 
> tests we've done in my prev job leave me optimistic here), ...... and 
> it's of course open source and open minded.

Ease of use *really* lacks docs. NetBSD (and pkgsrc) seems to have a lot 
of very nice features that not as much documented, like pkg_chk and 
pkg_comp and others that a newbie like me would probably never know 
(wizd, for example, as Hubert pointed out in his blog).