Subject: Re: NetBSD momentum
To: Andy Ball <>
From: Bruno <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/21/2004 19:41:10
Andy Ball wrote:

> Hello Daniel,
>   DdK> I for one believe that NetBSD can stand on its own
>      > merits. It is good to have independent benchmarks,
>      > both for advocacy, and for identifying where bottle-
>      > necks are. But, in my humble opinion the general tone
>      > should not be ``NetBSD can do this better than XYZ'',
>      > but ``NetBSD can do A, B, and C''. I firmly believe
>      > our target market is rational enough to do their own
>      > evaluation*.
> I agree entirely, I think it's an approach that is both more
> mature, and more positive.  I think it's a better reflection
> of the NetBSD community, which I firmly believe is one of
> NetBSD's great assets.
> - Andy Ball

I never put that perspective at stake, just said that *now* is a great 
time to show the NetBSD value to everybody else. If we can show that 
NetBSD is better than FreeBSD right now in terms of performance the 
NetBSD community can achieve the interest of new users or even 
developers. And more people mean more scrutiny, even though the 
community as is has allways done a terrific job - in a quality/quantity 
ratio it's probably the best OS community around the globe :)