Subject: Re: NetBSD momentum
To: Daniel de Kok <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/21/2004 17:36:47
Hello Daniel,

   DdK> I for one believe that NetBSD can stand on its own
      > merits. It is good to have independent benchmarks,
      > both for advocacy, and for identifying where bottle-
      > necks are. But, in my humble opinion the general tone
      > should not be ``NetBSD can do this better than XYZ'',
      > but ``NetBSD can do A, B, and C''. I firmly believe
      > our target market is rational enough to do their own
      > evaluation*.

I agree entirely, I think it's an approach that is both more
mature, and more positive.  I think it's a better reflection
of the NetBSD community, which I firmly believe is one of
NetBSD's great assets.

- Andy Ball