Subject: Good public relations type developer for netbsd in CA ?
To: None <>
From: Alan Horn <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/07/2004 10:27:05

Sorry for the short notice on this one, I'm hoping theres someone out 
there that can help.

I'm forwarding this message on behalf of BayLISA ( They (we) 
are looking for a speaker for our december meeting (Thursday December 16th 
2004), details below forwarded more or less verbatim from the baylisa
board member :

Every December BayLISA has a "Short but Cool" theme.  Since FreeBSD 5.3 
and Fedora Core 3 and solaris 10 just came out I thought it might be 
interesting to get some people out to discuss new features.  So far I've 
only confirmed for FreeBSD and Solaris.  I figured that NetBSD must have 
some interesting stuff to talk about as well :) Each talk is from 5-15 
minutes long for the December meeting.  We get about 50-80 people at the 
meetings depending on the topic (generally December is pretty popular), 
and after the meeting a subset of the group go over to BJs for snacks and 
a pint and continued discussion.

Hopefully someone out there would want to help out and has some experience at 
talking about netbsd to such environments.