Subject: Re: Sharing word processor docs with windows users
To: Peter Bex <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/27/2004 19:45:52
=F7 =D3=CF=CF=C2=DD=C5=CE=C9=C9 =CF=D4 Tuesday 27 April 2004 19:19 Peter Be=
x =CE=C1=D0=C9=D3=C1=CC(a):

> My question is this: What do you guys use to communicate in the harsh
> reality where Windows & MS Office are the common thing?
> I'd prefer not to use any MS .doc format at all.  It would just help keep
> the status quo.  There has to be a real open alternative, no?

MS Windows side: MS Office/What ever you like + Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5.x
UNIX side: Lyx || whatever you like

All documents exchange is done with PDF format.

The trick is to manage people working on the same project that such thing a=
"Document" always has its owner and maintainer. And if I'm not the owner of=
document I assume the following unbreakable rules:

1. I'm not willing to deal with document in any other format except PDF.=20
Printing *Office documents is always PITA, regardless to is it MS or K or=20
Open or some other office.

2. I'm not willing to investigate/change/fix/etc original document - this i=
the document author's responsibility to maintain it and I usually have lots=
of own things to do.

3. As a result of p.1 and p.2 I'm not interested how exactly the author bor=
this PDF i'm reading now.

If you can convince to use some intermediate portable document format that=
works for all sides it makes people life much easier :)

> Do I really have to give in and install KDE/K Office and all bloat that
> comes with it and confirm the prevailing idea that MS Office is the only
> thing and the best thing around?  (I don't know of any other good, stable
> editor for MS Word documents.  Abiword was very bad in my experience and
> Star Office is just as big & bad as K Office)

=46rom my experience, even the latest K Office still is very limited and qu=
buggy, specially when i need to import MS Office documents, even in RTF=20
format. Maybe some time later K Office will become a mature, stable and=20
functional product, but not today :)

// wbr