Subject: NetBSD at the 20th Chaos Communications Congress
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/02/2004 23:21:06
 * NetBSD at the 20th Chaos Communications Congress

The NetBSD Project had space at a joint BSD booth at the 20th Chaos
Communications Congress in Berlin this year, together with FreeBSD,
OpenBSD and MirBSD. Aparently there were 2342 visitors to the congress,
which featured a wide variety of workshops and presentations from both
technical and social areas. There was one talk about a status report on
NetBSD by me (Hubert Feyrer), a second talk on using pkgsrc on Solaris,
Linux etc. was cancelled, unfortunately.

Some impressions:
 * NetBSD talk @ 20C3:
 * An attempt to make a picture from TNF structure:
 * Part of the BSD booth (no details on the NetBSD part, unfortunately!):
 * Nice OpenBSD posters:
 * Lots of NetBSD goodies:
 * FreeBSD merchandize:

One of the main attractions at 20C3 was the Blinkenlights project, a
skyscraper front turned into a monitor with the windows being the pixels.
Here are a few movies:

The slides for the NetBSD status report presentation are available at:

Enjoy, and see you all at 21C3[*]!

 - Hubert

[*] Check out for information, it'll be between
    xmas and new year 2004. Next event I'll do will be the Linuxtag in
    Chemnitz, Germany - see

Hubert Feyrer <>