Subject: Re: embedded customers are asking for linux
To: <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/18/2003 11:57:41
On Wednesday 17 September 2003 19:53, wrote:

Not sure about exact arguments, but NetBSD 1.6.1/i386 works perfect for us in 
embedded devices as OS.

Some keywords why i choosen it (first what comes in mind ATM and without exact 

1. This is BSD derived UNIX style operating system. It was simple enough to 
switch on NetBSD after QNX4/6 like OSes (we used them prior).
2. It has long success story.
3. It is *single*. There are only *one* operating system called NetBSD - 
NetBSD itself. In front of Linux and its zoo of different kernel 
modifications, vendors, distributions and so so on. I spend quite a lot of 
time to find out what is it exactly so called "Embedded Linux". Havn't found 
4. It is stable, at least from our tasks point of view.
5. It dosn't eat too much of resources. It works perfect on x86 133MHz/32Mb 
RAM booting from 4..8Mb flash disk.
6. List of supported hardware is more then suitable for us. Specially, USB 7. 
stack and devices.
8. It has perfect network capabilities.
9. Liberal license agreement. Not GPL.
10. From my point of view, NetBSD's kernel architecture is well designed and 
code is well and carefully. Cannot say the same about code from
11. And so on :)

FreeBSD was another good condidate, but i still think that i'll put NetBSD on 
ARM board, like equipped with PXA255 etc. At least i hope it will be not so 

JSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Center.