Subject: BSDCon03
To: None <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/13/2003 13:07:01
NetBSD at BSDCon03

Hello, I thought I would do a quick write up on BSDcon03.
If I miss any details, those who attended should feel free
to speak up.

First, a HUGE thank you to the folks who stood outside the
conference rooms at the NetBSD booth (which was a table):

        - Erik Berls
        - Todd Whitesel
        - Kevin Lahey
        - Randy Beaudreau

and to those who pressed and sent out CDs etc. (I cannot
remember exactly who they are - so thanks!).

On the table we had pamphlets, NetBSD CDs, Hubert's g4u
cd (which was popular), daemon pins, and an array of
badges. We had several pieces of hardware setup as well.

The talks I attended were all quite interesting. Of special
interest of course are NetBSD related events so I will focus
on those. As of this writing the proceedings are not publically
available (well, not all of them).

The first of these was Luke Mewburn and Matt Green's presentation
on The audience seemed genuinely interested in it,
of course we all know how jealous everyone is about :-)

The second NetBSDish event was when Luke went up for the NetBSD
status report/BOF, surprisingly, there were a lot of questions
from the audience (I think more than we expected at least) so
I was pretty happy about that.

The third NetBSDish event was Jason Thorpe and Allen Briggs
paper on  deeply embedding NetBSD. I thought that particular
presentation (done by Jason) was one of the best ones there. It
was quite clear, not bogged in detail, and just plain interesting.
Also of interest to NetBSD were:

        - UFS2 by Kirk McKusick
        - Warner Losh's devd (he touched on devfs a bit too I believe)
        - Sam Leffler's fast ipsec

All in all it was a quiet, but still fun, event. I think NetBSD may have
one a few converts out at the booth.

One final note, I was never a professional waiter no matter what anyone
tells you :-) and if you order out burritos for lunch, make _sure_
they properly mark the wrappers.