Subject: NetBSD users around the world.
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 08/13/2003 18:41:00
About two weeks ago, I suggested a "silly way to waste bits" over on -users.
Several people expressed interest.  (The idea was to collect a list of NetBSD
users/sites, along with geographic coordinates and the number of computers
at the location.  Then the database can readily be turned into an xglobe
or xearth "markers" file and loaded into an X backdrop, for example.)

Uses related to advocacy should be obvious.  (I'm still hoping to find another
NetBSD user in, I remember someone saying that they lived in
Baytown a couple of years ago.)

About a week ago, after discussion died down, I put up a fledgling database.
The database is *still* fledgling, but it's uber-fledgling with a beefy
9 or 10 entries, now.  (^&

I've had at least one NetBSD site pick up the database from Poland, and another
from New Zealand, according to the webserver's log, but the only non-U.S.
entry is from France (thanks, Gilbert).

(There's a developer-only list that does not include number-of-computers.
It is in raw xearth/xglobe format.)

If you're interested, I put up a small web-page for this.  Contributing
an entry is easy: Just format your entry after the style of one of the
existing (netbsduser.db) entries and mail it to me.  The web page is:

Widely-separated machines might want separate entries.

You can turn a street address into geographic coordinates via mapsonus
(it's a bit of a hidden option, but it's how I got my coordinates),
or a GPS device, or perhaps a friendly local map-geek.

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."