Subject: Re: NetBSD US Government Certified?
To: Andy Wallis <>
From: Matt Prazak <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 08/05/2003 09:51:53
--- Andy Wallis <> wrote:
> ...
> In all fairness, submitting an OS or application for CC review is not for the
> faint of heart. After taking the months to years for review, any changes made
> to the system must have said system reviewed again. CC is only meant for a 
> static system that would be in place until the machine or OS is decomsioned.
> ...

Isn't CC self-defeating, then, if any change, such as a "service
pack", requires re-certification?  Perhaps, a logical conclusion is
that CC is completely worthless for any computer that isn't on a very
exclusive isolated military network.  Outside of that, it seems to be
a marketing tool to reel in easy money from well-intentioned--but


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