Subject: (update): psion series 5mx PDA port
To: , <>
From: <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 05/03/2003 11:46:01
A brief update on my progress with the psion 5mx 

I am putting updates on the sourceforge project.

I am slowly figuring out the internals of 
the netbsd kernel.  First, I've called the
architecture psionarm.  Second, I'm creating
new chip-specific stuff as arch/arm/clps7110.
If there are any kernel docs I'm missing, 
please point them out now :-).  Otherwise,
it's a bit slow-going.  The existing arm code 
is *exceptionally* clean, but low on comments; 
the machine-independence creates abstractions 
which are tricky to follow without explaination.

The only bummer is that since the clps7110
is end of life'd, the chip specific stuff will
likely not get any reuse.

A tangent regarding the linux side of things:
The linux guys are now working on getting the
original Series 5 to boot.  They have also 
recently had success with booting both the 
netBook (Series 7) and the OEM knock-off 
Malaysian netbook. See the above web page for 
more summarized info.