Subject: Re: Wireless access point
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Michael C. Ibarra <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 03/05/2003 17:48:16
Quoting Peter Seebach <>:

> In message <>, Chuck Yerkes writes:
> >M0n0Wall is an interesting FreeBSD distro you could swipe
> >from, there are many others.  Seek info about the Soekris
> >boxes and you will find a trove.
> Someone has been talking to me about possibly doing some work on one of
> these.
> They've said "FreeBSD", but I have no idea whether they actually care which
> BSD they use or not.  Anyone using NetBSD on them?  I have about a day or
> two in which to prepare arguments for using NetBSD instead of FreeBSD, if I
> want to sell them on it.

Right now m0nowall is limited to just FreeBSD w/ipfw and ipfilter.
I suspect that Manuel Kasper, author of m0nowall, is looking into
building an OpenBSD port with pf as well, don't know about NetBSD.
There is also which is an obsd iso for the soekris,
it doesn't have the GUI that m0n0wall provides, if that is important
to you. I would suspect that you could use Chris Cappucio's scripts,
which is what the opensoekris guys used, to build a netbsd box. Some
files and their locations may differ, as well as the rc script, but
should be pretty straightforward for you.

Hope this is helpful,

Michael C. Ibarra
Hawk Technologies, Inc