Subject: NetBSD at the 5th Chemnitz Linux-Tag (CLT5)
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 03/03/2003 15:49:26
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                  NetBSD at the 5th Chemnitz Linux-Tag (CLT5)
                  Hubert Feyrer <>, March 2003

The Event

     The Chemnitz Linuxday is the second biggest event around Linux operating
     system, with almost 2000 visitors this year. It took place on march 1st
     and 2nd at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. Besides many
     presentations and workshops there were demonstrations for various topics
     like schools, office applications, games, multimedia, and also a booth
     showing NetBSD as an alternative to Linux. Further events included a
     "medical office" where people could bring their Linux machines and get
     problems fixed, a PGP Sign Party, Internet access, a Lego Robot
     construction corner including Lego Sumo competition.

     A couple of NetBSD enthusiasts decided to present their operating system
     as an alternative to the alternative to Windows, and there was quite
     some interest in it!

The Presentations

     During the two days, there were about 50 presentations, covering various
     topics: LaTeX, text-tools, society, WWW-scripting, applications,
     multimedia, security, schools, Debian, E-learning, beginner's sessions
     and introductions and NetBSD.

     In contrast to past Linux events I have attended, there was a whole
     (although small, but still) BSD Track at this event! It consisted of
     three presentations on sunday afternoon, telling people about
     an"Introdoction to NetBSD" by Karl-Uwe Lockhoff as well as "News in
     NetBSD 1.6 and use in embedded applications" and "Using NetBSD in a
     video rendering cluster" by Hubert Feyrer.

The NetBDS Booth

     We had the usual NetBSD booth with CDs, books, stickers, pins, posters,
     plush daemons, flyers etc. Machines on display were a PC running KDE, a
     laptop running KOffice as well as an HP300 machine showing NetBSD on a
     hardware most of the visitors at the Linux event were not familiar with.
     Questions we got included (of course) the differences between NetBSD and
     Linux as well as the other BSD derivates, but also detailed questions on
     the NetBSD packages system, updating both base system and packages,
     device drivers and USB 2.0 (testing a PCMCIA USB2.0 card and harddisk we
     found that there are still a few issues, but at least NetBSD gets
     further than Linux :-).

Links & Pics


          The NetBSD booth crew, from the left: Karl-Uwe Lindloff, iceblox,
          Auge^ (sitting(), snq (sitting), hubertf (with fork), istari.


          NetBSD at the CLT5, lots of pix


          This crazy guy came to CLT5 by bike - 600km in 36 hrs, to help at
          the NetBSD booth!


          English language information about CLT5


          German language information about CLT5


          Lots of images about the event

 - Hubert Feyrer
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