Subject: Re: NetBSD poster
To: Bernd Sieker <>
From: Thomas Runge <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/21/2003 20:49:59
On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Bernd Sieker wrote:

> Quite nice!


> I'm not sure I understand what the squares acress the images mean, I
> find them rather distracting.

As I wrote earlier. The designer liked it. :)

> Was there any particular reason for choosing such this red as the
> background color? The predominant color on the NetBSD web site is blue
> ...

Well, the daemon is red, isn't he? ;)

> If the printer does a reasonable job of interpolation, I think the
> resolution of the images is adaequate, at least up to A1.

The poster is not really a poster as it is now, because we have
to much text and too few and too small pictures. My girl friend
needs bigger pictures to put it bigger on the poster. And of
course, the pics should be attracting!

> I could imagine just having an image of a padlock, this has come to be
> associated with "security", not only in https connections.

If you or anyone else have such a picture, please send it to me.
Or any other recommended picture as a replacement for any other.