Subject: Re: Start of project? (was: 10th anniversary celebration: Nuernberg/Germany)
To: Greg 'groggy' Lehey <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/11/2003 17:23:24
Greg 'groggy' Lehey <> writes:
> > Well here's the first few anyway. Who's "srcmaster"?

Mail to a list is irrelevant; look at the RCS histories to be sure.

> Sure, I'm happy with that.  My question is, is that generally accepted
> to be the point at which the project came into being?

So, how do you define "come into being?"

The date that it was decided that enough was enough w.r.t. 386bsd and
agreement was had re: setting up machines to be a project to
distribute something better?

The date on which the hardware to implement said project was ordered?

The date on which the hardware was set up and the first login was

The date on which the source was imported and work on that imported
source officially commenced?

The date on which the first announced release was made?

To me, the initial import seems as good a date as any, so then:

FYI, the early-AM times seem to be UTC.  I seem to have "done stuff"
(added dirs, etc.) after the import until around 5AM PST, and the gone
home (and presumably went to sleep) and resumed work at around 6PM.

That's not inconsistent with the schedule i was keeping then.  (One
might note that keeping that schedule and attending classes would be
... difficult.  Make of that what you will.  8-)