Subject: Did Sun exploit BSDs?
To: None <>
From: Ram Chandar <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/16/2002 16:36:00
This appeared in one of the local free software (Read pro GNU) mail

explaining how  UNIX began,  how Net/2 tapes  helped see the  birth of
386BSD, what BSD was and how BSD was exploited by Proprietary Software
companies like Sun  Microsystems, how GNU was born  and the concept of

Well, I know that the word "exploitation" is illegal, as use, if any,
is completely valid as per the BSD license.

But did they use any code from any (Free,Net,Open)BSDs at all?

I pointed to them, that since SUN has contributed hardware to Debian
project, Debian and the Free Software community has indirectly
benefited from such _exploition_.