Subject: Re: How to convert this OpenBSD guy to The Truth and The Light?
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/12/2002 20:45:25
On 12.12.02, 11:30:09, Mike Cheponis wrote:

> I do think that predictable releases are not a NetBSD strong point.  For
> example, when can I count on 1.7 coming out, or even 2.0 ?  Who knows?

And what exactly is the advantage of knowing _when_ the current
development will get a new number? (i. e. will be called a "release"?)

In NetBSD, when you need security fixes, it is recommended to update
and rebuild the source tree of the release branch for the affected
parts. No need to wait for a release.

Besides, having a fixed release cycle means you are forced to release at
a certain date, regardless of whether or not the system is actually
ready for a new release.

NetBSD and Debian GNU/Linux are two system that show how to do it
differently.  They release, when the system is ready for a release.
And only _if_ it is really ready. Most releases so far have been
delayed several times. And always for good reason. Reasons I would never
put aside in favor of a marketing-effective "regular release cycle".

> Thanks -Mike

Bernd Sieker

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