Subject: Re: GPS mapping for netbsd.
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/05/2002 10:53:48
Michael Graff <>  wrote:
 > My plans were to squeeze this data onto a 40 MB IDE disk in the
 > Frontpath Progear I recently got NetBSD squeezed onto, and to hook a
 > GPS in via a USB dongle.  I have generated a few maps on the Progear,
 > and while it's a little slow, it's not TOO bad.  I'd not want to run
 > it on batteries very long, but the intent is to have a car computer
 > anyway, so it won't be long between chargers.
 The data, for what it's worth, won't reasonably fit on a 40 GB disk in
 > its current form.  I need to write some sort of file format that isn't
 > SQL, but still has a good way to search for data within a 2d area.

So, I've been playing with GPSman the last few days as found via this
page here, that has some interesting stuff on it:!INDEX.html

gpsman is a tk/tcl app that lets you load a map image onto the background
of the mapping window, place 3 waypoints, and then track your position
against the map. I haven't got a lot of results to report but it 
sort of basically works with my novatel GPS receiver after some manual
munging of the receiver's output data.

Unfortunately, my Jornada doesn't have enough memory to adequately
load any decent sized maps and  swapping onto a CF card is probably
not a good idea.

Anyway, that's the summary.