Subject: Re: It's dead Jim
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Andy R <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 08/21/2002 15:28:24
--- Andrew Brown <> wrote:
> >}I know a fair number of NetBSD users who never
> join mailing lists. They
> >}use google and the NetBSD list archives when they
> have questions.
> >
> >I know there are at least 5 other people in my
> group at work who have
> >started using NetBSD for non-work machines and a
> couple others using it
> >for work machines, out of 13 in my group. As far as
> I know I'm the only
> >one on any of the NetBSD lists.  They all ask me
> instead.
> a lot of people will also not join a list, but
> instead post and expect
> to get copies of followups that might answer their
> question(s).

So it may be useful to count all the unique addresses
that have sent messages to the list, and then filter
out all the ones that have the word "driver" in the
netbsd-help one :) (We get entirely too many messages
about people asking for Windows drivers on that one.)


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