Subject: Bay Area NetBSD Volunteers needed for Linuxworld!
To: None <>
From: Dave Damast <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 08/07/2002 18:16:58
Hi all,

We grabbed a booth for NetBSD at LinuxWorld SF -- any Bay Area volunteers
to staff it? LinuxWorld is a chance to ogle IBM mainframes and prosletyze
the unwashed Linux masses. The four of us who took on LinuxWorld NY had a
good time.

The booth needs six shifts or equivalent arrangements:
One AM shift (10 AM-3 PM) and one PM shift (12PM-5PM) on each of August
13, 14 and 15.

If you can't volunteer, consider loaning hardware, particularly if it's
fun. At our LW NY booth, we had an O2, a NeXT Cube and some old Sun and
Vax boxes, in addition to my laptop running KDE and Konqueror.

I can't make it out to SF for the show so the need for volunteers is
quite dire. Wasabi will be donating a ton of 1.5.2 CDs and t-shirts to be
given out to the masses, if people can be found to man the booth.

Interested parties please contact me for instructions, advice and party

David Damast			(646) 638-2299
Wasabi Systems: The NetBSD Company