Subject: Re: new Microsloth FUD
To: None <>
From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 06/26/2002 00:15:44
On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 07:28:39AM -0600, Rick Kelly wrote:
> This is apparently based on their patent for a Intel/AMD PC that only
> runs windoze.

I remember a few years ago some noise about Microsoft pressuring the
motherboard companies to create a Windows BIOS.  As I recall, the reason was
to enhance the user experience...

> This shows that Microsoft is going to do whatever it wants regardless of
> what the DOJ says.

Surprised?  The DOJ complete screwed up the case against them anyway,
so I really don't care what they say either.  All that browser BS,
when the real issue was far worse.