Subject: Re: Thoughts on NetBSD and Debian Linux
To: Chris Frost <>
From: Andy R <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 05/13/2002 17:08:52
--- Chris Frost <> wrote:
> I've heard from a number of people that they really
> like netbsd and so
> am really interested, but was wondering if anyone
> could let me know
> their thoughts on or point me to other's thoughts on
> netbsd and debian
> for general development and day-to-day usage.
> I know this question must have been asked hundreds
> of times, so just a few
> useful links would be extremely helpful, thanks!

My .02 (and may not be all that helpful, but there you

I am FORCED to use either Winschmoze or Linux at work.
I choose Debian because it's more suited to people
that want to build a box from a minimal OS install.
HOWEVER, I find Linux development to go along at a
nutty pace and sometimes fixes to the kernel are a bit
random in coming.

NetBSD "feels" much more like a commercial OS because
of the initial quality, and it has a base install that
is a minimal, functioning, Unix OS. Linux cannot say
the same for the most part because there is no
standard like there is with the BSD's.

So to sum, you can't just say one is better than the
other, you have to adopt the rationale behind using
either one. NetBSD, and the other 2 BSD's are very
much more "sane" in their development path in my
opionion. Linux is much more cutting, bleeding,
tearing edge, and you get all the good and bad that
comes with that. And if you're using I386, Linux
supports more software, hardware, all that. However,
the gap is closing a bit. I prefer stability, good
documentation, and standardization. You get all this
with NetBSD in my opinion.

Now go crazy. Use whatever makes you feel better.
Eventually you'll learn to appreciate the qualities of
NetBSD though.


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