Subject: Re: NetBSD Daemon
To:, Chris Coleman <>
From: Zach Fine <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 05/10/2002 05:52:19
It's cool to see new versions of the daemon, but I'm not enamored with
Dexter for the web page. 

People who are not familiar with the daemon may not be able to tell
from the image just what the little guy is. That the red splop on the
side of his head is a horn may not be obvious to everyone, especially
as it's placed at ear level in order to accomodate the helmet and
pencil. It feels intuitive to me that horns sprout at the temples or
higher, this red swoosh could be mistaken for a strange ear. 

And do we want an image for that emphasizes technical
difficulties? Dexter has a puzzled look on his face and seems crowded
with gear (blueprint, pencil, t-square). It's a welcome image to
complement all the existing daemon images, but I wouldn't advocate
using it as the primary image to represent NetBSD.

-Zach Fine

>>>>> "grant" == grant  <> writes:
    >> You can see Dexter at Let me
    >> know what you think.

    grant> Very cool, I like it! I just placed an order for one, plus
    grant> the original toaster t-shirt :-)

    grant> Dexter could work well on

    grant> What do the other www@ people think? maybe the flag could
    grant> be replaced by him :-)