Subject: Re: largest installation
To:, Jan Schaumann <>
From: Andy R <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 05/09/2002 22:13:04
--- Rick Kelly <> wrote:
> Jan Schaumann said:
> >I was wondering just where there is the largest
> installation of NetBSD?
> >This would include number of machines, number of
> different
> >architectures, number of users using it etc.  I
> think that a small chart
> >showing the, say, 5-10 largest installations
> world-wide would be a good
> >addition to the gallery website as well as for
> general advocay usage.
> Good idea. And also the largest single NetBSD
> system. (aka has tens of
thousands of users on a few NetBSD boxes. The 2 main
ones are Alpha with 1 gig of memory each, and there
are some sparcs too that are running SMP. Load
averages are rising all the time. 

Having a blurb about this guy (Stephen Jones) on the
site would probably be good. I imagine as far as user
volume, this must be one of the biggest installs. He's
doing a hero's work.

What defines a big machine or a big installation?
Since NetBSD is mostly single processor, we'd have to
find the architechture that allows the most memory,
and then find the subset of that one that has the most
disk or something. 

It would be cool to know what schools use it,
companies, entities, etc... We have a little bit of
that, but not enough!


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