Subject: Re: Bad Mistake by Announce List Owner
To: NetBSD/mac68k <>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/10/2001 18:50:40
CaptnZilog skrev:

>> The idea is to encourage companies to support NetBSD...

>Exactly.  I don't think the NetBSD does itself any favors by *refusing* to
>let 3rd parties announce their binary-only software, when the vendor has
>taken the time to port their software to NetBSD in the first place.  If I had
>a commercial venture and was building, say, 3-axis motor controller boards
>for CNC type machine equipment, and provided a binary-only driver (to obscure
>my proprietary innovative -haha- hardware) for use under NetBSD, would that
>necessarily be an "evil" thing?   I always thought that *that* was one of the
>*advantages* of the BSD license.

I certainly agree, and I've come not to expect FSF-style radicalism from the
BSD camp.
OTOH, we'd have to agree that supporting NetBSD through binary-only is a
headache. As opposed to Linux, NetBSD is a multi-platform system, and
producing a driver would usually require a whole lot of compilation targets,
and with applications, it gets worse.

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