Subject: Re: Bad Mistake by Announce List Owner
To: Enon Nahca <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 12/08/2001 12:39:11
Enon Nahca <>  wrote:
 > Allowing the announcement of 4Front Tech's new sound driver is
 > on the Netbsd-Announce List is a mistake.
 > The code quality of this package cannot be independantly verified
 > as source is not available and  using this driver, which works at
 > very low levels of the OS, can compromise the stability of the 
 > NetBSD OS for which each and every NetBSD developer has
 > worked so hard.
 > I suggest that announcements of this kind may not be allowed
 > on the list 

My policy is that products made specifically for NetBSD (as well as 
other OSes) merit an announcement. So if Sun came out with a port
of Java for NetBSD, I would happily approve that announcement,
or if Microsoft released Word or Excel for NetBSD I would also
happily approve that announcement.  Whatever we can do to support
commercial vendors who are supporting/promoting NetBSD is a good
thing.  I understand that kernel code can not be audited for
quality but I believ ethat's immaterial in this case.

If the management of NetBSD wants me to modify my policy, then I
will.  If enough people disagree with my policy, then they should
bring it up with management.