Subject: Re: emul compat pages?
To: None <>
From: Yuji Yamano <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/15/2000 21:26:14
Sorry for the delay. I'm back to home now. :-)

David Maxwell <> writes:

> Before adding these, I'd like to know why they fail - is it 
> limitations in the installer
> missing syscalls
> missing /proc entries
> ...
> Documenting any compatibility the apps want that is not provided now
> will help show where more support can be added.

- Shade for Linux Preview Kit

RedHat Linux is required. He tried to run it with SuSe and copied
missing libraries from RedHat, but segmentation fault at the runtime.

- Wnn6 Ver.3 for Linux (Japanese input method)

Can't open symlink file. He investigated it with ktrace, but 
he couldn't get the answer.

- eWnn for Linux (Japanese/English translator)

Mule 2.3(based on GNU Emacs 19) is required. He tried to build it from
the source code, but SIGSEGV was caught while running temacs.

- Honyaku-Damasi (Japanese/English translator)

Installation is okay, but doesn't work by unknown reason.

- Oracle for Linux

Segmentation fault at the installation time.

- Ichitaro ARK for Java (Japanese word processor)

Java Runtime Environment is required. He tried to use Java Software
Development Kit, Standard Edition v1.2.2 Release Candidate 2 for
Linux, but demo aplet doesn't work and CPU is 100 %.

- ApplixWare

Segmentation fault at the installation time.

- Objctivity

Core dumped when making sample database schema with `oonewfd' command.
I'll investigate it later.

Yuji Yamano