Subject: Re: emul compat pages?
To: Scott Bartram <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/04/2000 20:16:10
>> >IBCS2 is in no way related to BSDI.
>> well...partly yes, and partly no.  IBCS2 stands for "Intel Binary
>> Compatibilty [sic, see compat_ibcs2(8)] Standard 2", so that's not
>> BSDI, but BSDI binaries are of the IBCS2 format.  yes?
>They... weren't. I'm not aware of them changing, but I probably wouldn't

i think IBSC2 (really guessing here) encompasses more than just elf or
a.out, but i'm still not really clear on what IBCS2 actually "is".

>BSDI used (uses?) an a.out format compatible with NetBSD 0.8 I believe

the 4.0 system to which i have access gives me this:

   % cc -dM -E - < /dev/null

and the man page compat_ibcs2(8) says "iBCS2 supports COFF, ELF, and
x.out (XENIX) binary formats".  they may have been x.out at some point
but now they're elf.  probably still IBCS2.

   > uname -sr
   BSD/OS 2.1
   > file /bin/cat
   /bin/cat: 386 pure executable (uses shared libs)

   > uname -sr
   BSD/OS 4.0
   > file /bin/cat
   /bin/cat: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, statically linked, stripped

>> >IBCS2 is a binary interface standard for i386 application programs running
>> >on systems that implement the SVID. The last version I saw (1991) only
>> >specified the COFF executable format and x.out (XENIX) compatibility.
>> >IBCS2 allows us to run SCO XENIX, SCO UNIX, and some ISC UNIX binaries.
>I think the list would include Dell SVR4, and Coherent Unix as well, but
>I didn't want to put them in the list until someone mentioned using
>them - since I'm not 'certain'.

that's my point.  :)

if there are "IBCS2" systems that we can't run in emulation, then
simply putting IBCS2 is a little misleading.

>> "sco xenix" and "sco unix"?  hmm...i guess i'm getting a little out of
>> my depth.  still, if we can emulate BSDI, then i feel the list should
>> say so.  saying IBSC2 seems a little out of place, when (a) all the
>> other things in that list are operating systems and (b) surely there
>> are *other* operating systems out there that use IBCS2 that we cannot
>> emulate?
>That's the good question, but I've re-organized the list to make IBCS2
>a sub-list, and BSDI a seperate item. Give it an hour to show up.

groovy.  :)

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